Meet our Professionals 2018

Professionals from 2018

Jenny Wecker
Jenny Wecker, CEO of Fawn Design

Jenny Wecker is the CEO of Fawn Design, a company that makes stylish diaper bags. Jenny designed the original Fawn Design bag and sewed each bag, in the beginning. Now, Fawn Design manufactures their bags and has a team dedicated to helping women embrace every stage of motherhood.

Liana Au
Liana Au, MD

Liana Au, MD, is a Family Medicine Physician at the BYU Health Center. She did her undergraduate studies at UC San Diego, Medical School at University of Hawaii and Residency at Utah Valley Family Medicine Residency in Provo. She has a wonderful, supportive husband and 4 amazing children.

Sui Lang
Sui Lang L. Panoke, Founder of Women Politics Media and RE-Think Tank

Sui Lang L. Panoke is the Founder of Women Politics Media and RE-Think Tank. She is a visionary leader, social entrepreneur and international trainer with a passion for empowering women and girls to be highly effective leaders, learners and innovators. She is the proud mother of an intellectually curious 14 year old daughter.

April Guymon
April Guymon, Engineer

April Guymon graduated from the University of Utah in Mechanical Engineering in 2009. She is now a senior engineer at ETC Group, an energy engineering consulting firm. Her work has taken her as far away as Japan, though her favorite place to save energy is in Salt Lake City (where her two little boys are breathing the air).

Tamara Sower Command Photo
Tamara Sower, Korean Linguist

Tamara Sower is a Korean Linguist in the military and was in the Military Intelligence for over 20 years. She deployed to Iraq in 2006-2007, and currently works as the Chief of Training for Battle Staff at the 640th Regiment Non-Commissioned Officers Academy at Camp Williams. She is a graduate of the Sergeants Major Academy Class 64.

LTC Tammy Manwaring

LTC Tammy Manwaring has been in the Army National Guard for almost 25 years. She worked full-time for the Utah National Guard for over seven years. Now she is a part-time/traditional Soldier and teaching mathematics and a coach.

Theresa Drulard, Executive Director of the Manufacturing Center

Theresa Drulard is the Executive Director of the Manufacturing Center at the University of Utah. She has 27+ years of  experience in manufacturing, including 17 years in operations management (production). Her expertise is also in operational excellence and lean implementation in manufacturing and service, as well as Quality Systems.

Mallie Lanham, Digital Marketing Manager

Mallie Lanham is the Digital Marketing Manager at Cents of Style. She has more than a decade of experience helping brands & products of all sizes reach their goals of selling hundreds of thousands of items and talking to nearly a billion potential customers.  

Hannah Bonner
Hannah Bonner, Geologist

Hannah Bonner is a geologist who is passionate about understanding the world around her. Her research has focused on water resources, change over time, and finding life on other planets. In Fall 2017, she will begin pursuing her Ph.D.

Hanna Howell
Bryn Howell, Geologist

Bryn Howell is a geologist who specializes in natural hazards and disaster mitigation.  Her research is focused in Indonesia and what impacts hazards have on the people living in South East Asia. If people know what risks are associated with the areas in which they live, they can learn how to live with these risks.

Lisa Romney
Dr. Lisa Romney, DMD

Dr. Lisa Romney, DMD is a practicing dentist, wife and mother to a 5 year old daughter. She loves to snowboard, wakeboard, wake surf, paddle board, hike and camp.

Judge Brown
Jennifer A. Brown, District Court Judge

Jennifer A. Brown is a District Court Judge in the Fourth Judicial District of Utah. She handles a wide variety of cases, including criminal, civil, and family matters. The work is challenging, and she deals with a lot of complex legal issues. “I feel as though I can make a difference in the lives of the people who come to court by being fair, consistent, and prepared.”

2017 Jane Guyer 2017
Jane Guyer, Engineer

Jane Guyer is principal mechanical engineer for a consulting firm specializing in energy efficiency in large buildings, like hospitals and university buildings. Jane recommends equipment purchases and ways to operate the equipment to reduce energy use. Prior to this, she was a mountain bike guide in Moab, Utah for 10 years.

Brittani Petersen
Brittani Petersen, PharmD, CSPI

Brittani Petersen, PharmD, CSPI has a great love for serving and helping others feel better. She currently works for the Utah Poison Control Center as a Certified Specialist in Poison Information - Pharmacist and part-time at Taylor Drug Pharmacy. Brittani is a mom to 4 adorable children, a wife to a local city police officer. She loves being outside with her children.

Laura Leavitt
Laura Leavitt, Designer

Laura Leavitt is a mother of two Italian-speaking toddlers. She always wanted to be an artist when she was growing up.  Now she works for a tech company called Instructure where she designs digital experiences and interfaces for millions of users worldwide.

Paige Treglown
Paige Treglown, 3D Animator

Paige Treglown graduated from the BYU Animation program in 2014. She currently works at Wildworks as a 3D animator. She animates animals and accessories, like balloons and kites, in the Maya software package. In her free time, she designs board games and video games.

Christine Thayer
Christine Thayer, Senior Process Transfer Engineer

Christine Thayer graduated with a BS in Chemical and Biological engineering from Colorado State University in 2011.  Since then, she’s worked for semi-conductor manufacturing company IM Flash, and is now a Senior Process Transfer Engineer who oversees the introduction of new technologies into the manufacturing line.  Christine likes to spend her free time hiking and reading with her husband and 2 dogs.

Jenni Johnson, IM Flash

Jenni Johnson has worked for IM Flash for 17+ yrs. Hired as an operator, she has learned, grown and adapted to the ever-changing environment to the role I am in today. While doing this, she has also balanced a family, a husband and two wonderful kids.

Brittany Loose
Brittany Loose, Event Manager

Brittany Loose is currently an Event Manager with Google Fiber, but she’s planned local events for years. From pop-ups, wedding expos and a world record breaking scavenger hunt. She and her 7 month old puppy, Primrose the Jack Russell Terrier, look forward to many years to come of creating unique experiences for the public and making people smile.

LaShawn Williams
Dr. LaShawn Williams

Dr. LaShawn Williams was born in St. Louis and has lived in 8 states and the country of Germany while growing up. She is a university professor and administrator as well as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She has 3 kids that she loves very much. She enjoys reading and listening to music and playing dance video games.

Alison Davis - Headshot
Alison Davis, Engineer

Alison Davis graduated from ASU with a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering. She is now an engineer at IM Flash. She enjoys her work and spent a year living in Singapore and China working on a memory transfer. Now, is an engineering manager and enjoys developing team members into better engineers.

Nielson, Jennifer 1708-29 17

1708-29 Jennifer Nielson Portrait

Physical and Mathematical Sciences

August 9, 2017

Photography by Savannah Tittle/BYU

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Jennifer Nielson, Professor

Professor Jennifer Nielson teaches chemistry at BYU.  She organizes the Kids Chemistry Hands-on Workshop at the Provo Library each year for National Chemistry Week. Professor Nielson spends time each summer in Uganda, Africa, doing research in chemistry education and teaching chemistry workshops for students and teachers. Her favorite chemistry is in the kitchen.

Emily Manwaring
Emily Manwaring, Information Architect

Emily Manwaring is an Information Architect, meaning she analyzes, creates, describes, categorizes, and re-arranges information for digital experiences. She loves her job because it combines information, technology, and people. She holds a bachelor’s degree in English from BYU and a master’s degree in Technical Communication from USU.

Carly Stewart
Carly Stewart, Graphic Designer

Carly Stewart studied Graphic Design and Web Design at BYU-Idaho. She currently works for a Creative Agency in Provo called Big Monocle.